Making a real difference to Children, Young People & Families…

UCount2 is a Community Interest Company that was set up in August 2016. The Company Director Sally Stokes is highly qualified in her respective field of social work in public, private and voluntary sector. She has worked in front-line Child Protection and now works independently with a range of partners across the UK.

As an organisation Ucount2 is responsible for the provision of support and advice services to meet the needs of children, young people and families across the West Midlands.

Ucount2 helps children, young people and families to overcome some of the challenges they face from time to time and build resilience and aspiration which are important aspects of how well children and young people achieve in every aspect of their lives. We work with children, young people, families and communities to make sure that they gain the ‘resilience’ factors that are crucial in working towards good outcomes and promoting life chances. It is crucial that children, young people and families are supported at the earliest opportunity so they can be empowered to strive to develop their own aspirations for themselves and to do the best they can and be the best they can be.

Key Services.

Direct work with Children, Young People & Families


Promoting the Voice of the Child


Service User Representation


Mindfulness & Improving Emotional Resilience (Individual & Group Work)


Assessing Parenting Capacity


Children's Advocate


Undertake Individual & Group Supervision

Our Vision

The vision of Ucount2 is to improve the lives of all children and young people and families by helping those that are vulnerable and often facing challenging circumstances to overcome any barriers and to empower them to succeed in what they aspire to be and continue into adulthood.

This really is an exciting time, we are launching our new Service that gives children, young people and parents & families a voice, provides a listening ear and helps children, families and communities build resilience. This will drive forward the voice of the child; building a service and capacity that provides individual, family and community solutions for children, young people and their families.

UCount2 is focused on improvement and working closely with our partners driving practice and developments with pace. UCount 2 has aspirational ambitions and expectations for all children, young people and parents that we work with. Vital emotional, practical, and direct support is offered to children, young people and families during and after our work with them and we take what they tell us about the impact on their lives to service providers to help change things for the better.

UCount2 plays a crucial role in helping them to ‘live life to the full’.

Our Principles

The work is delivered through Sally’s passion in improving outcomes by making a difference to children, young people and families lives. Sally is able to provide consultation on all matters relating to children and families drawing upon many years of experience. Sally’s philosophy is grounded in the ethics and values of professional social work and her passion in empowering all people that she works with.

She strives to empower, promote and protect the needs and aspirations of children and young people and give them a voice, to improve their lived experience and ultimately improve outcomes and their life chances.

Our Values
The services that are provided by Ucount2 are underpinned by the following set of principles:
We want all children, young people & families to have the opportunity to participate and that includes encouraging under-represented groups to get involved earlier to increase outcomes & promote life chances.
Service’s developed will be undertaken with a -participative approach and embedded in practice by involving children, young people and families from the outset.
Working in partnership with other organisations we will ensure that everyone we work with are valued, skilled and empowered to work together to improve outcomes. Our expertise and knowledge will be shared to support and empower others to develop their skills and confidence.
We will encourage and promote independence by encouraging children, & young people to develop the skills they need to support themselves. We also understand how important parents are in supporting their children and strive to ensure that they have the best/most up to date information to enable them to do this effectively. We will challenge any assumptions made where appropriate.
We are committed to continuous improvement and are driven to improve outcomes by using performance information to help us understand how we can improve and make the necessary changes in a timely, flexible and responsive way.
Partnerships are key and collaboration and active cooperation with others including parents and carers, those working with education settings such as schools and colleges, local authorities, health, voluntary and community sectors who will support us to deliver the service aims.
Processes are simple. We will ensure that our referral processes are clear and simple for all to access and use.
The Child’s Voice

“True participation is about being open and honest about what can be achieved and making sure that involvement is meaningful and leads to changes that can be measured”.

Ucount2’s overall ambition is to develop a culture of active participation with children, young people, families and communities in shaping the services that are important to them’. A key aim is showing them that they are being listened to and provided with good quality evidence based services. Ucount2 will also work with key partners such as the police, schools, health and voluntary sector, so we 3 can get the best possible results for children, young people and families within the resources available.

Ucount2 will ensure that the views of children, young people and families will be significant in helping to shape the services. This will be achieved by consultation and active participation so their voices and views are listened to, better reflected and used to develop and shape person-centred services. Our main purpose is to enable and support children and young people facing adversity to manage and cope so that their views meaningfully shape and influence who UCount2 are, where we are heading and what we do so that the experiences of children, young people and their parents in the future are even better.


We will work closely with children, young people and parents offering; face to face direct work, facilitating discussions, and empowering them to have their voice heard. We will also work very closely with many other professionals at all levels, as we can only achieve our ambitions by working collaboratively with our agencies and professionals.

Sally prides herself on working with individuals and families to help them improve outcomes in their lives using a solution focused / high challenge and high support model. UCount2 staff have a proven experience, knowledge and communication skills with the drive to put the child, young person and parents at the centre of all of their work and interventions.

Our Director.
Putting the child’s voice first…

Sally Stokes is a qualified Independent Social Worker who is highly qualified in her respective field of Social Work in the Public, Private and Voluntary Sector.

Sally’s ethos in the work she does is that of ‘doing with’ as opposed to ‘doing to’.

Sally Stokes has spent most of her working career over the past 20 years helping thousands of parents to gain an understanding of parenting and children’s behavioural, social and emotional issues. Her Bromsgrove-based Community Interest Company, UCount2, has engaged people from all walks of life. Sally says that “so many parents feel that they have failed as parents when they experience difficulties with their child”, with them often feeling helpless and hopeless in working through this.   

Sally Stokes

Sally Stokes

Managing Director & Founder

 Sally is a part of a team, and believes that U Count2 offers a unique and bespoke approach “Our sessions (whether that be individual work or group work) are thought provoking, challenging but inspiring and enjoyable. We believe in looking at client’s strengths acknowledging children and parents as the experts of their family situation” not just focusing on the negatives so that children and parents can move forward with an increased understanding and confidence in their behaviour / parenting.

U Count 2 also provides individual sessions, group sessions, family support meetings, home visits on request, and general advice and information on parenting, children’s behaviour, social and emotional issues.

If you would like to discuss any issues and want Sally’s advice and support, you can book a FREE 45-minute consultation.

To book, call 07813004049 or email 

Our Clients

UCount2 staff have a proven experience or have proven transferable skills with excellent communication skills and the drive to put the child, young person and parents voice first in all of their work.

Children & Young People

(we accept self-referrals)

Parents & Carers

(we accept self-referrals)

Voluntary, Private & Public Sectors

Law Firms



Local Authorities


Words from a Caring Father

“Sally is an impeccable professional, taking the time and effort to go through every aspect in the finest of detail, clearly drawing on years of experience and first-hand knowledge and application. When I needed informed, professional and emotional support, Sally was incredible…”

Individual & Group Work.
Supporting each other…

Sally Stokes, a specialist parenting coach with extensive experience in affecting change in parenting and family support wants to spread the word that she is here to help and support anyone who is concerned about their child or parenting. 

Her service, U Count 2, offers one-to-one support or group work to parent/s or carers who would like to learn more about understanding their child’s behaviour, social and emotions issues and how to manage this to prevent things escalating. Parents are given the opportunity of accessing individual sessions or attending  group sessions which would allow them the opportunity to meet other parent / carers who are experiencing similar issues. This also provides an opportunity to network.

Talking to someone who cares, understands and doesn’t judge is so important. Building confidence and self-esteem underpins all the work I do with my clients. I feel that I offer a unique approach, as my clients are given a new perspective, understanding and motivation to change. 

If you feel that support you have had in the future has not worked for you then this could be the ideal alternative.


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